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Put Your Tree to Good Use-Turn It Into Firewood

Keep the wood or ask us to deliver it to Lipan, Granbury & Weatherford, TX property owners

When you hire Patten Tree Service, LLC to cut down your tree, you can choose to keep it or ask us to haul it away. Either way, we can put it to good use as firewood. We have the equipment and training required to cut your tree trunk and limbs safely. We can also deliver the firewood anywhere in the Lipan, Granbury & Weatherford, TX area.

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FAQ about our firewood delivery services

Want to purchase locally sourced firewood for barbecuing or heating your home? Contact Patten Tree Service. Read our FAQ below learn more about our firewood delivery services:

  • Where do you deliver firewood? We'll send it to your front door if you live or do business in Granbury, Weatherford, Stephenville or Lipan, TX.
  • Where does your firewood come from? Our wood is locally sourced. Most of it comes from trees we've cut down for our clients.
  • What kinds of firewood do you deliver? Most of our firewood comes from oak trees, but we can deliver any species you need.

Got additional questions about our firewood delivery services? Contact us today.