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Dealing With Any of These Common Tree Issues?

If so, it's time to schedule tree removal services in Lipan, Granbury & Weatherford, TX

While it's always smart to remove trees that are towering over power lines or leaning too close to buildings, you can decide to remove a tree for more than just safety reasons. Whether you're eager to boost your curb appeal or make yard work easier on yourself, you should call Patten Tree Service, LLC for residential or commercial tree removal. We proudly serve Lipan, Granbury & Weatherford, TX and surrounding areas.

Here's why you might want to remove...

  • Cedar or cedar elm trees: Pollen from these trees can cause an allergic reaction called cedar fever. Consider removing your cedar trees if you'd like to spend time outdoors without dealing with a runny nose or itchy eyes.
  • Red or live oak trees: Oak wilt can spread through roots or by insects and kill a healthy tree in as little as six months. If you've got a diseased tree, cut it down before the fungus spreads to your healthy trees.
  • Cottonwood trees: Because their branches are so thin, cottonwood trees shed debris in the lightest gust of wind. Removing your cottonwood tree could lighten your yard work.
  • Maple trees: Root rot and sapstreak disease are lethal to maple trees. If you notice discolored leaves, cankers or a lack of leaves in the tree canopy, call 817-578-6929 right away for tree removal services.
  • Ash trees: Depending on the species, ash trees can grow up to 80' high. These giants are especially vulnerable to storm damage. If you're worried your tree could fall on your home or office building, hire Patten Tree Service to remove it.

We'll cut down your tree by hand to protect your property and loved ones. Contact us today to schedule residential or commercial tree removal in the Lipan, TX area.

What do you want us to do with the wood?

After removing your tree, Patten Tree Service can...

  • Grind or bury your stump
  • Cut and stack on your property
  • Haul all the debris away

It's up to you. Just tell us what you'd prefer when you contact us for tree removal services.