Tree removal Lipan and Granbury, tx

Don't Wait Around to Schedule Tree Trimming Services

Find out when to contact a tree company inLipan, Granbury & Weatherford, TX

Dealing with a tree that's diseased, overgrown or just in the way? Patten Tree Service, LLC can remove select branches to keep your tree looking healthy and beautiful. We provide comprehensive tree trimming services to property owners in the Lipan, Granbury & Weatherford, TX area.

We can trim or remove your limbs to...

  • Reduce potential for tree or branch failure
  • Provide clearance
  • Reduce shade and wind resistance
  • Maintain health
  • Influence flower and fruit production
  • Improve your view and aesthetics

We also prune shrubs. Just tell us about your tree care needs. Call 817-578-6929 today to schedule tree trimming services.

When should you prune your oak trees?

If you want your oak trees to keep standing tall and majestic, hire a tree service to prune them periodically.

It's best to avoid scheduling tree pruning services between February and July. This is when disease-carrying beetles are most active in the Lipan, Granbury & Weatherford, TX area.

To learn more about keeping your oak trees healthy or to schedule tree pruning services, contact Patten Tree Service today.